Why “Guardian Monster?”

Guardians protect us.  Think of the old saying “You’ve got a Guardian Angel”.  Well for me, I also have a “Guardian Monster”.  Guardian Monsters have several names; Depression, PTSD, Anxiety etc.  These monsters are big and strong but, they are narrow minded and dumb.  They cause more damage than good when they try and help in our lives.  They prevent us from moving forward in our lives.  They use fear to try and protect us.  Not everyone gets the opportunity to have a guardian monster.  But, for those of us who do.  Taking care of a guardian monster can feel like a full time job.  Making sure you monster is cared for is critical to someone being able to live a happy life.  This site is dedicated to sharing the latest developments in treating mental health.  We discuss all aspects of mental health.  From diet, exercise, psychiatry, psychology, medications and faith. 

We are an online resource to help people find additional resources and wisdom for managing mental health.  We struggle with mental health ourselves and we wanted a place where like-minded people from around the world can talk about monsters.  A place where people battling monsters can find inspiration, knowledge and wisdom.

tumblr_mt2me4otzl1rvfh0po4_r1_400We know how scary a mental health diagnosis can be, we know it can feel like it is never going to get better.  We have been there and we know there is help.  We are currently interviewing people who have monsters of their own.  They have been at the bottom.  They have felt the hopelessness.  Soon, we will begin sharing their stories.

They know what works for them and what they have seen work for others.  These are their
stories.  Whole stories, stories where we talk about the worst moment and how we found help, courage and hope.



tumblr_mt2me4otzl1rvfh0po8_r1_400We are here to help you learn to tame your monster(s).  We want to show you the additional resources that might be beneficial for you or a loved one.  Not all advice is going to work for everyone.  We know that all too well.  We also know that if you listen to enough people, read enough articles, watch enough video, talk to those around you and never give up.  You can get better.  You can slap a collar on your monster.  You are being stronger than your monster.

We learned through trial and error that we cannot kill our monster.  We own a monster; it lives in our mind.  We cannot give our monster away to someone else.  We cannot shove our monster in the back of our minds and hope for the best.  We know that you have to talk about your monster.  It is a powerful moment in our lives when we decide to take care of our monster.  It is a powerful pet that lives in our mind. Together we can heal and live.



Lee at GuardianMonster.org

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33 thoughts on “Why “Guardian Monster?””

  1. I can see why your innovative approach to mental illness would appeal to people. Winston Churchill had his ‘black dog’. Monsters summon up an image that doesn’t quite fit with my approach to my chronic mental illness. Sometimes it is like an angel – showing me how to empathize, be kind and non-judgmental. My OCD makes me cautious but also excellent at noticing the small details in life. Would you be interested in me writing a guest blog from my perspective? I have many years experience working in mental health.

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    1. Hi Kerry. I agree with your perspective as well. When I look back on my manic depressive state. It was like a big dumb monster (godzilla, king Kong etc) was let loose in my mind. And when a Monster gets loose It can destroy a city. And if mine gets loose in my brain. It can destroy my life. I have a chemical imbalance (dopamine ) in my lymbic system part of my brain. My lithium Rx ensures my brain keeps my it’s balance. And with balance brain chemistry, my monster does not get loose. 😀

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  2. I love the term “guardian monster,” actually. During my deepest moments of depression, I might not have appreciated it. After all, why would I think something like that was protecting me? But I’ve recently been exploring a type of therapy where you dialogue with your depression and anxiety, talk to it, and see why it’s there, how long it’s been there, and what it’s trying to do. Invariably the answer I receive from inside me is “protection.” Which makes me mad! Because I don’t feel protected, I feel worse! And yet that’s the reality of the illness, so it’s interesting to come across this concept now. Great blog concept.

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      1. Hope is ESSENTIAL and I had to learn that the hard way too. I love that metaphor–hope lets the monster sleep. It can be nervewracking to hit “publish”! I’ve felt the same way and one blogger told me that “nerves mean its important to you.” So I try to think of it that way 😊


  3. Thank you for visiting and following Snowbird of Paradise. Thank you also for this website. My own experiences with depression and social anxiety are sometimes reflected in my blog posts, and I will look forward to reading more thoughts and inspiration here.

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  4. Hello,
    Pleasure to meet you and thank you for visiting my blog page and having a follow, I appreciate the support and look forward to reading more post from you.
    I enjoyed reading why you came up with the title of the blog, and it makes sense, it really does. I struggle with social anxiety, and it is a continued battle that I will continue to work on – but something I sometimes make mention in some of my blog post depending on the topic at hand. I think mental health is very important and something that needs to be spread about each and every day so that others are not afraid of it nor feel the need to hide it.


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