What if I am Wrong? A question to ask yourself.

Derek Sivers is an amazing dude.  He is incredibly successful (founder of CD Baby) and shares amazing insights with the world.  This 2 minute video helps me think about situations differently.  The video below is from a TedTalk he gave in India in 2009.  It shows how what we consider normal in our part of the world is weird in another.

I’ve shown this video in countless training’s and presentations I have given over the years.  It is always a great reminder to me that sometimes we need to look at our current situation and ask “What can I do to change my current circumstances/mood/behavior et cetera.  During my worst bouts of depression, I did not think I was going to make it.  My depression told me that I was never going to feel better, I was never going to get my life back, I should end my life.  

This is flawed logic.  Depression can make us only think one thing, only see one side of the coin.  I have found asking the following question helps me when my Guardian Monster is being a jerk.  The question I ask myself is “What if you are wrong?”.  This question has helped me a few times now.  It makes me pause and reevaluate my current thoughts and ideas racing around in my head.  It makes me think the following.  What if I am going to be okay?  What if the depression does end? It helps to confuse my Guardian Monster.  And, when my monster is confused.  I have hope.  So, next time you are arguing with your monster.  Ask your Guardian Monster “What if you are wrong?”, “What if it does get better?”

So, next time you are feeling like the depression will never end.  Ask yourself “What I’m wrong?”.

Have hope, it gets better.

Lee @ GuardianMonster.Org

Thoughts?  Let me know.  Positive and Constructive Feedback is always welcome.

via The opposite may also be true | Derek Sivers

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