What to Know About Taking Medication for a Mental Illness | The Mighty

via What to Know About Taking Medication for a Mental Illness | The Mighty

Taking medication to maintain your mental health can be a bummer.  I remember when I first started taking an anti-depressant I felt like I was less.  I felt like it was not manly to have to take a pill to make me okay.  But, that little dumb pill (150mg of effexor at the time) lifted my depression.  That little dumb pill helped, it helped me be able to get out of bed in the morning and go to work. That little dumb pill helped to block some of the serotonin receptors in my brain and blocking a few of those receptors is a good thing.

I know that little dumb pill is not enough or at least i’m learning that over and over.  It helps me get out of bed and then it is up to me to continue to live my life.  So, those little dumb pills, they help.  They don’t cure all but, they help me balance my brain chemistry.  I still have to make the right choice once those little dumb pill have helped me crawl out of bed.  I still have to make better choices for myself.  I need to choose to exercise and eat better.  That little dumb pill keeps my Guardian Monster at rest.

Because of this little dumb pill.  I am finally able to make better choices.  I am finding myself eating a little better everyday (almost everyday) and I find myself getting up a little earlier and going to a morning walk.  That little dumb pill that I was grump about taking at first has become a little helper for my brain and for my body.  Now days, I’m grateful to my little dumb pills.

We live in an amazing time for mental health.  I know Rx have tons of side effects and can be expensive.  I know it can feel hopeless trying to figure out what mix of medications will help your brain.  It took me about 18 months of trying different mixtures of pill to finally find a winning combination for myself.  Have hope, take those little dumb pills, eat better, go for a walk in the sunshine.

It gets better, have hope,

Lee – (sorry for any typo’s or grammatical errors in advance)

Here are a few websites I use to help me talk about medication and get discounts for Rx.  Both are free and i’m not trying to sell or promote.  Just want to share what has worked for me.  Hope this help you take your own little dumb pill.

Free online community to discuss medications.  


GoodRx is a free coupon website from the Rx business community.  It is free to use and it saves me about 33% on my Rx costs.



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3 thoughts on “What to Know About Taking Medication for a Mental Illness | The Mighty”

    1. Have hope. It took me about a year and a half. I’m praying for you. I’ve also noticed that changing my diet to cooked veggies and a little high quality meat has helped. Take a look at the “slow carb diet” from Tim Ferriss. For some diet info and walking has helped me. I’m a lazy and started dancing at home for exercise. If has helped a bit.


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