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Physical Restraint in Mental Health Units is Traumatising Women – Mad In America

This is a great free online support group for people who want to learn how to live a fill life while managing their mental health. Loved ones are invited to attend as well. Great people and 0 pressure. And, the best part. You can be anywhere in the world. Webcam, telelphone, smartphone etc.

No having to figure how to add a meeting to your weekly schedule when you have a 100 other things going on. Just hop online and get some hope.

Fresh Hope for Mental Health Online Meetings

Top 5 Apps for Depression  — Apps Reviewed

1.Depression CBT Self-Help Guide Managing of depression involves understanding depression and and the factors that lead to the symptoms. Learning to manage life stress and practicing self care behavior improves the symptoms and mood. The App contains depression severity test,audios,cognitive diary, articles and point system that will help you in overcoming depression. 2.Free Your Mind […]

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